Stress Ball 2.0

We're on the last chapter of 7, by Jen Hatmaker and I am so sad to say good-bye to the study and all the lessons lurking inside it's pages. I cherish this book so much that I may actually read it again, and soon. There's so much knowledge and humor mixed in with emotion of the human spirit that it is a hard book to put down and walk away unchanged. I'd have to say it ranks HIGHER than Crazy Love by Francis Chan! Crazy Love never made me want to EVER read it again. But this is a treasure; so I followed suit and purchased Interrupted and Barefoot Church on my nook this morning. Plus, Jen is so real and she's rocking an AWESOME name, who could argue with that?

So this last chapter revolves around Stress. Which is not something I am too familiar with. I'm not the stress monster of the family, that's the Marine's job and he does it well. But I do have to say that pausing throughout the day while scrubbing toilets, washing laundry, clipping coupons, blogging, preparing meals,  to be still and pray; not something I spend time doing or thinking about much.

Yes. Rest and rejoice in the Lord, BE with the Lord. Sounds simple enough. Except that it isn't. My Bible's been sitting on the dining room table TAUNTING me all week. Guess what I've done instead? Pinterest. Blogs. Facebook. Stuff that won't matter in five minutes let alone eternity. This week has encouraged my spirit, my longing, my desire to communicate. We've had plenty of worship time together, but not enough time communicating with the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE! Not enough time to sit at His feet and learn or just lean in to hear 'I love you'.

Tonight is a Newsboys Concert of which I am volunteering with Compassion International. We're going to prove that God's not Dead, He's surely ALIVE through the multiple child sponsors we'll receive. How can I attend an event and not be prayed up or have my heart full of God and His goodness via scriptures? Alas, it's time to get busy digging into the word.
Isaiah 58. Psalm 62. Psalm 102. Goodness.Faithfulness.Peace.

That's the opposite of stress.