Monday Blessings

Happy Monday, Yall!
 It's officially Thanksgiving week and I cannot be any happier.
Thanksgiving is MY holiday! I love love love it.
Family, Board Games, Thankfulness, Food, Football, Parades, Shopping.
What could be more Fun?

Use the code TREATBLOGR and you'll receive a free card today and tomorrow ONLY! 
Hurry, these cards are amazing. I recently used the company, which is part of Shutterfly (also amazing) to send my Father his birthday card. I added some USMC Ball pictures to it and a personalized greeting, paid for postage and VOILA his card sent happily on its way, even BEFORE his birthday! Woot.
(I am notorious for cards/presents being late!)
SO hurry and check it out!!!

Also, anyone have Black Friday deals they HAVE TO GRAB for Christmas Shopping? 
So far the only thing I desire to purchase is Disney's BRAVE on Bluray for $10! Not too shabby, right? 
I may pick up a couple for a niece and nephew if they don't have it already.
Also, VeggieTales has a great deal on their Holiday Classic DVD sets.
As a VeggieTales Ambassador I have to tell you how hilarious the new League of Incredible Vegetables movie is. Hilarious. Spunky. Full of laughter for all ages. 
Also, here's a good deal to go along with all those VeggieTales videos! 
$3 Rebate Form
And don't forget to check out "What's in the Bible's, Why do we call it Christmas?" You'll learn a lot like I did and children will love it, too!

Happy Monday, yall!


Shayla said…
I am also notorious for late cards. . . like 6months to a year late. . .yikes!!!

I'll have to look into this thank you :D