Parents in the hood.

Saturday we had the first annual Burn the Turkey flag football game. My team won, but my face lost.
I found my face planted into a shoulder one too many times. I was left with puffy, bruised face that has kept me DOWN since then. Sleep was useless, eating was out of the question, and my sinuses are angry. It's still a little puffy and painful depending on what I do, but it's mending and healing. Praise the Lord!

And since being down, I've become addicted to a television show. One that I started watching a few months ago and stopped because the Marine was annoyed with it. But, it's all the rage right now.  And Netflix, you sneaky tool! It allows me to get caught up to the current season and have to WAIT to watch it week after week. AHH! Also, I love Julia and Joel's house.

It is THE perfect space for family gatherings, children, and grown ups without being overly one way or the other. I love the classic lines, the pendant lighting, the comfy modern chairs, the front door. I love every little detail.

Also, the grandparent's house. It's overly cosy, relaxing, and a great family gathering place.
Imagine the gatherings and meals and drama and life that happens in places like this. Nothing HAS to match, but it all works so well together. And there isn't a "grandma" design feel to the house. The wallpaper, the design is modern and cozy without  gold leafed mirrors, pink, or 70s designs plastered throughout. (like our house when we purchased it!)

So, have you watched Parenthood yet? It is very similar to Brothers and Sisters and I adored that show! It's family, it's messy, it's real life. But the family all comes together when needed. <3 p="p">


Jen said…
I haven't watched Parenthood yet! I really should though. Have a great day. :)
Mei said…
I am here from Wednesday Walkabout!

I have not seen this show. Perhaps it is something I can do to fill my early mornings!
I love that show!! I never remember to watch it though!

I do love both homes, the bookshelves are amazing... Both places are perfect for entertaining and family gatherings. Some day I will have a nice and funstional home!
Jamie said…
That outdoor seating area is fantastic.