Peru deodorant.

Deodorant. Yes, it's still an issue. 
I keep forgetting to pick some up and I haven't really worn any all week. 
Here's the deal; I Do NOT smell nor sweat. The Marine said he hasn't notice, either. 
So, should I keep wearing it or totally disregard social American protocol and be free?

The Birthday Ball was fabulous!
It was probably the best one yet for us. 
We had great food, good company, and a great speaker.
I also am making some new food dishes based upon what we ate at the ball. 
nom nom nom.

And the third order of business today:
Compassion Bloggers are in PERU!

You might recognize some of these faces! 
They're bloggers, authors, DIY folks.
Good people.
And they're using their talents to share the stories of Compassion children in Peru.
How amazing.
You can read their stories here.
I cannot wait to go on a Compassion Tour...I can't imagine what they're experiencing as they learn the culture, the faith, the endurance of the local people groups.

Go now and read!


Mrs.B said…
If I didn't sweat or stink I probably wouldn't wear any. haha

Glad you guys had a good time at the ball!
i love compassion! what a great ministry. my husband and i have been considering sponsoring a child this holiday season. and i'm visiting and following your blog from followers to friends today! also, if you're interested, i'm hosting a thursday bloghop that starts at 10:30pm EST tonight if you want to link up!