Thanks and a half.

30-Day Giving Challenge

It's November, one of my Favorite times of the year. Thanksgiving is officially my favorite Holiday, so naturally I am GIDDY when this month hits. Also, I tend to focus on 30 days of Giving as well. I've done it the past two years and this year it just kinda snuck up on me.

So, if you want to follow along, here is the link for it. 

And because we need some humor in our lives, here is my list on WHY I don't like large gyms:

(1) the muscle meat-heads that are there and do a REP and flex and check themselves out. I am THANKFUL there aren't mirrors everywhere. 

(2) not everyone wipes down the gym equipment after use and they provide the supplies to do so! 

(3) the regulars get nicknames like Zombie Sweatpants guys, boob slinger, running ninja, tres amigas, and fitness bunnies...(those who go in matching workout clothes, hair, and make-up done, and look the same when they leave as they did when the entered. it's called SWEAT and it's going to happen if you're working out!!) 

(4) There's always a faint eau de man lurking somewhere nearby.

(5) The televisions always have the BRAVO channel on in front of the treadmills we use. The rest of the gym has music speakers, CNN, ESPN, the freaking Drama Bravo Channel! Those people are NOT so motivating to watch or read what they're saying. whine, whine, whine with their wine. (yes, I could move but the bikes are behind us and we use those to warm up)

(6) all the nudity in the women's locker room. I can't handle it! It doesn't help that the pool is thisclose to the locker rooms, either. ( I almost got slapped with certain female parts the other day walking into the bathroom portion!)

(7) limited hours. For a HUGE chain gym, they're more limited then the tiny gym they purchased which was open 24 hours a day! No early morning workouts for us!


Jen said…
I always got grossed out when I watched someone finishing using a piece of equipment and then leave. A few times I went and cleaned it myself lol.