Thanksgiving Weekend JOY!

Hope yall had a Thankful Day on Thursday! We went to our friend's house and kept it low key but full of FOOD! Everything was so yummy, but I was so full an THANKFULLY did not gain any weight. hah.

The house is officially into Christmas mode. Christmas trees are out and decorated, ornaments adorning tabletops in vessels to make them sparkle,  My Nativity Paintings and various artworks are in place, and Christmas music and movies have been playing for a few days!

(last yrs pictures!)

And then there's the Black Friday RECAP! Did yall buy anything online or in stores?
I went Thanksgiving night to Target and got in line with a friend and her mom. She scored the 50 inch television for $349, the VERY last one. We stood in line only an hour until the doors were unlocked and we welcomed Christmas shopping into our carts. I scored bluray discs and some cds mostly @ Target, and a pouf to replace mine. Also, Target handed out CLIF and LUNA bars to people standing in line. We got Luna's Chocolate Peppermint stick. YummY!

Once we got home, the boys went out to Dick's Sporting Good and The Marine scored the LAST one of the rifle he wanted. After the paperwork, lines, etc we finally got home and into bed around 0300.

We both were up around 0700 the next day because that's when we normally wake up. SO, showers, hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies filled our bellies and we went north to Carmel. Our landing spots: Lifeway, Trader Joes ( we were out of dog snacks and almost out of peppermint hot cocoa!!!), and Sam Ash Music store. I scored GREAT deals for family Christmas presents and scored a piccolo Snare drum for myself for only $29.99!

And finally after dropping the Marine off to go shooting with the Pastor and Youth leader, I finally got to Sam's Club to get the only thing I really wanted to go shopping for; BRAVE on bluray! Scouring the racks with disappointment, I checked all the movie locations. Finally I looked at a stand with loads of $10 Bluray and BAM, it miraculously appeared to be the LAST ONE. (What? Should be buy lottery tickets to get the LAST ONE?) Anyhow, I also scored The Lorax and Madagascar 3 on bluray for $10 each.

Also,  scored some CUTE boots as well to go with my FREE dress from the Old Navy Style Council dress that I'll wear at Christmas!


Katie said…
Those boots are adorable. Sounds like you got some awesome Black Friday Deals! My mom and sister scored a brand new bed and a zillion DVDs in their adventures! I had to work shopping for me!
Semper Wifey said…
What a festive weekend! :)