The least of these.

One day until the Election.
5 Days until the local Marine Corps Ball.
One Week until Veteran's Day Celebrations. 
Two WEEKS until Thanksgiving.

And soon, it'll be acceptable to hang the stockings, the Christmas tree, put on Christmas tunes, and be prepared to celebrate the day our Saviour was BORN!

Does anyone else feel like this is happening too fast? I guess that's the issue with busy schedules that we don't have time to enjoy any one thing before moving onto the next.

And speaking of busy things; I'm getting convicted via church sermons, books I am reading, and things running through my brain. I serve at church, which no big deal right, but that's currently the ONLY serving I am doing. I am serving Christians, not those who NEED the good news, not my neighbors, not the widowed, the fatherless, the orphaned.
((Yes, I am still a Compassion Advocate, but there aren't any events locally that I can attend due to busy upcoming week. Also, I'm approaching my paster AFTER the Crazy Thanksgiving/Christmas/NewYear time of Angel Tree, Operation Christmas Child, Collecting Cranberry Sauce/Pudding, tithe, offerings, and many more things are pulling at people's attention.
Although Compassion has an AMAZING gift catalog that changes many lives. ))
Anyhow, the point is, I am not reaching anyone NEW outside of my Christian Bubble. That is not what  Jesus meant by SERVING. He didn't mean serving only the people walking through MY church doors, serving people whom I KNOW, serving people a couple times a week hoping for different results.
The least of these.

That is whom I am off to find and I can start next door.