Christmas 2012 is done.

Christmas is a memory for 2012!
We scurried over to Ohio to spend time with family and create new memories.
It was quite successful.
Grandpa's kitchen was a MESS of cookies, flour, sugars, sprinkles, pans, frostings, desserts, and more. He even made the comment that it now has to be an annual event.
So, I am sure it made his heart melt seeing his grandchildren and great-grandchildren busy in the kitchen like grandma used to be.

Also, Grandpa is 82 and still out snow blowing! He was in the hospital just two weeks ago to fix something in his heart and just had knee surgery a month ago. He's built tough!

And we officially had a WHITE Christmas! It was so pretty and endearing that I could be home for a beautiful white Christmas.

This is my back yard full of adventures and memories! We spent many many HOURS back there growing up; falling through ice into the creek, sledding, building forts, catching crawdads, fishing, running, and our parents were content with us back there alone.

SO for Christmas we spent the morning with Grandpa eating breakfast then off to Dads house then Cousin Marti and Walt's house. We spent the rest of the day catching up, eating, and opening presents. It was great to spend quality time getting to know my little cousins and niece. Also, I learned more about Grandma and her legacy while visiting as well. And we have superb ideas for making next Christmas more special for everyone! We can't wait to get that idea put together.

We're back in Indy and it snowed once again last night so I feel obligated to show you our amazing view our the bedroom window. It looks like a Christmas card, it's so pretty.


Jen said…
What a wonderful Christmas and your grandpa is definitely built tough! What a great man. :)