Current Tidings

Current Events:

Wearing: Penguin Flannel Pajamas. Yes, they ROCK the warmth category and hispter category as well.

Listening: tick tock of the wall clock.

Thinking: I probably have a GROWN-UP post college CAREER starting on the first of the year and it is my DREAM job.

Eating: nothing, but my stomach's growling so hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies will work.

Planning: my Christmas escapades in the next several days: shopping, wrapping, volunteering, cookie baking, remembering HIS PRESENCE not presents represent this SEASON, this miracle, this CHRISTmas.

Praying: for little 5 yr old Mason, who has been diagnosed with Leukemia
A friend who became an orphan, a sick Godchild, my Compassion child, the youth group and my role in it, and this career/ministry I've been blessed with.

Workout: treadmill runnings, plank challenge, 90 squats each today && 31 push-ups. Plus Jillian kickboxing.

Currently reminding:  Compassion Gift Catalog! For just a humble amount of monies, you can change lives this Christmas. There's anything from providing SEED packets to buying a well/Cow/Goat, etc.
In this country we have SO much and have so many THINGS, why not share it with those in NEED, not want.

Christmas list includes: sponsoring another Compassion Child, help providing safe playgrounds and sports to child via Compassion,  and time with Family: cooking, baking, being together being goofy.


Jamie said…
Penguin flannel pj's sound amazing. I need some.
Joan said…
Found you through the blog hop i'm co-hosting! Thanks for linking up, follow back if you'd like :)

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