Pearl Harbor Celebration

There have been multiple celebrations for our Nation's History and military lately. It seems like it starts on Memorial Day to Flag Day to 4th of July and 9-11, and  USMC Birthday and Veterans Day and round it off with Pearl Harbor Day. I love it. I love the PATRIOTISM in this city of Indianapolis. I love that part of the Indy 500 Festival is honoring Veterans with a parade, Ceremony, television broadcast and much more. I love that homeless veterans can get a home for FREE, meals for free.
And what I particularly love is seeing my Marine dressed up and being a speaker for all these events.
He sits at tables with Pearl Harbor Survivors,Vietnam Survivors,  the Mayor (of Indy; a retired Marine), The Mayor's Veterans Services Director, Generals, Admirals, and yet, he's always the youngest. I am so proud of my Marine.  He loves listening to the war stories and chatting with the previous generations and their war techniques. He's truly HONORED to be among them in any position. Which, blows me away and I am truly honored to be his wife.

Marine Speaking at Pearl Harbor Ceremony