My soul finds rest in God ALONE.
I remember praying in my sleep. PRAYING to the God who made EVERYTHING in the universe and still chooses to love me, praying whole heartedly, but mindlessly.
My soul needed time with God. Or God needed time with me.
It's time to focus my days on Worship, prayer, and listening.

It's Wednesday so that means it's YOUTH Night. And because the children's play is Sunday, I'm sure they'll be practicing their part and be too distracted to do anything else. But, we'll talk and discuss things and build relationships which will turn into discipling next month. Big changes are coming and I pray for them to not lose their heart.

And speaking of new studies; Jen Hatmaker released a BIBLE Study based upon her book 7. It's available at Lifeway and I might have to swing in by next week to check it out. This book has impacted my soul more than anything else lately and these lessons need to be studied deeper and with people. This book creates talking points on its own and talking about it really makes a difference with perception, reality, and physically doing it. Seven, you better watch out. It also plays along nicely with the books beforehand, Interrupted by Jen and Barefoot Church By Brandon Hatmaker.

Also, the job at camp is still up in the air. I haven't heard anything from them except that the Camp Director stopped by our church one day to make sure I was in attendance on a Sunday. It was nerve-wracking, but exciting that they're checking into me. And if that's not enough, I have thoughts of doing NOLS courses with MYCAA before the Marine picks up rank again. I'd probably do Leave No Trace or Wilderness training to expand my career choices. I need to look into ropes course education as well.


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our youth groups always got to do ropes courses during the summer and i LOVED going to them!

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