Marketing Manager, my new official title for my job that I've been doing for two weeks. Can you believe I've been working and accepted a job without knowing the job or expectations or job description? That's what happens when it's God ordained, you just jump in and say YES! I've been so blessed already by both my job and leading Youth and being on the Worship Team. Just.say.yes. 

Speaking of saying YES, I'll be doing a giveaway on the Blog soon. Stay Tuned for that. 
[No, I'm not giving away child sponsorship!] However, it's something that is near and dear to me...     
& I would like to say that Sponsorship CHANGES lives, yall! $38/month; it's a trip to the movies, or the nail salon, or eating out for two* (based on American averages).

Changes.Changing.Change. That's what is going on around the globe. 


Jen said…
Woo hoo! That sounds like a great job. :)
Shari said…
Congrats on the new gig!
Renee said…
I'm visiting from the blog hop & enjoyed reading through your blog. Blessings!
Shanay Worthy said…
New Follower!!!