Discovery for Grown-ups

Stuff that makes life easier right now:

This is the stuff of miracles against hard water and glass dishes! Sparkle.  Lemon. Yay.

Inexpensive happiness in a spray can. Climate Control Finishing Spray. Be gone hairspray, there's a new can in town. Light, moveable, perfect for these dry winter days.  ALSO loving their leave-in conditioner spritz.

For all things stuffy and irritated comes the soothing healing scent of eucalyptus oil and menthol. Plus, it smells like childhood, does it not?

Reading the Bible is as simple as popping up a reading plan on your phone! It's great for looking up scripture references throughout the day, following along on reading plans, and keeping God's word near. I've been using it while waiting on the car to warm up every morning. 

My new favorite cardigan. I am obsessed with cardigans as of late and this is my newest purchase after getting some store credit returning items that were not so fabulous. I typically pair it with my mustard yellow scarf, or a happy coral shirt underneath or a million other things. Versatile people! Also, on clearance for $13.99 @ Old Navy.

and lastly, 

CS6. Not that I would have said this last week, but I have learned a lot and REALLY enjoy the program. 
The Marine was thinking about getting an imac and this suite for me if I'm going to be using it constantly in the professional setting. 
Right now I'll just borrow the Brother-in-law's version. 
It's fast, it's practical. 
And there's a lot of fun to be had on these programs.

What new things have you discovered to make your life easier?

*Yes, I realize this is a spoiled American post


Jen said…
Aww yes vicks does smell like childhood. :)
Rachel said…
Hi! New follower from the linkup. Loving your blog & can't wait to read more :) Hope you have a great day!
Rachel said…
The cardigan is adorable! I'm kind of obsessed with cardis too!
I NEEEEEED that cardigan!! So cute!

Looking forward to reading more from you in my reader!
gayle t. said…
Love love love pretty much everything on here, OR you totally made me want to try it. :) YouVersion is my favorite, I have done so many reading plans already. It's awesome, and keeps getting better!!!

Thanks for linking up with us on Life Lately this week!

Gayle | Grace for Gayle
Shanay Worthy said…
I have nominated you for a liebster award!