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Adios 2012.
You were real.
You were fun.
You were filled with lots of growth and things I've never done before.
drum set playing, half marathon running, funeral attending, garden growing, youth group teaching, job accepting, North Carolina visiting, Jesus worshipping, Compassion helping kinda year.

There's so much I've learned and gained from this season of life. A season of trying to perfect the stay-at-home wife lifestyle I was granted; a season of giving time to so many things like Church and Compassion International, and VeggieTales to name a few. And now, onto the next chapter of things: a new job, new responsibilities in youth group (as in, I'm the only one left to teach, disciple, lead these amazing teenagers!), new challenges in worship, and running.

But, I am focusing on 6x6 as taught by Bill Hybels. SIX main facets of life to concentrate upon then move on to the next set of 6.

(1.) Daily time with God: reading Bible, attending Bible lessons, Prayer, Worshipping, practicing, using talents/gifts to HIS Glory, leading others.

(2.) Wife Duties: household upkeep, date nights, menu planning, entertaining more often.

(3) Job duties: TBD

(4.) Youth Group: prayer, petition, challenge, challenge, change.

(5.) Compassion International: write to sponsored children, attend training sessions, volunteer at events.

(6.) Running/exercise/eating healthier. Back to running. I miss it, I want healthy food, and to break the sugar cycle once and for all!

These are all encompassing parts of my life starting today. They're not resolutions, just part of life broken down into things I really need to focus upon and try to find the balance between all of them, too. It'll be challenging at times as events, life, calendars mash together, but it can be done. God's hand is orchestrating some of these events and I know it'll be used for HIS Glory and goodness.

Twenty-Thirteen will be a blessing. What are you looking forward to this new year?


Jen said…
This is a wonderful post! I'm wishing you a wonderful and blessed 2013! :)