Traffic + Humans

Happy National Human Trafficking Awareness Day...
#enditmovement  is the power of college student and others fighting to end it in our generation.
27 MILLION slaves is too many. 27 Million TOO MANY!
There are currently more slaves today than during the slave trade of the 1860s that was ABOLISHED in 1865 in America. Yes, MORE than back then..even though it's unlawful and a crime.
It STILL exists.
Link to change the future.

"Grateful for @A21Campaign      and others. "

Louie Giglio's latest tweet and links to join in the movement.

How can we be silent when MILLIONS are crying from slavery, hunger, abandonment, being orphaned? Compassion has even started marking child packets with a special note to let the child's story be told that they live in an area that's LITTERED with child exploitation. Imagine your daughter, son, niece, nephew, cousin, god-child, or that silly five year old from church being taken and sold into the SEX SLAVE TRADE @ five years old... 

Let's move! Action steps are more than required.
Gather the prayers and protect the innocent lives that are being transformed in and out of slavery. God loves them, too. They're PEOPLE not just numbers. And The President is behind this movement He may un-invite some powerful prayer warriors to pray FOR him and the country he's representing, but this THIS is something I can agree upon with our President. 
No more slaves.