a library on a coffee table?

How is it the END of February already? WHEN did that happen?
It kinda scares me that life is passing by so quickly, because it's just going to get worse as I age. (or so I've been warned).

I'm in purge mode around my house. There's just too much stuff and way too much much! I tried re-arranging my furniture in my living room last night before youth group and there's only one way the HUGE couch can go; which is killing my creativity. I changed the position of the mirror on top of it and that helped some. Also, the stacks of books on top of my end table HAS to go. Yuk. There are stacks of books everywhere! One would think we don't have a nook tablet or kindle fire in this casa, but alas we have BOTH.

And the youth room at church bugs me, too. It need revamping and I gotta figure something out because the youth need change. They need something different. Maybe a wall painted over, a door or three painted, and different furniture. Those camping chairs are nuts; they're only GOOD for camping/sporting events. Oh, and we need a heater. Those rooms are freezing when we get in there, which is not cool when you have youth so focused on being cold they can't think of anything else.

And we'll be going on a mission trip to Illinois this summer. And possibly overseas next year! I cannot wait to see how the youthins transform over the next few months. I'm making the 6th graders participate in the fundraisers as well because they'll also be the ones spending the youth budget in a couple months. Plus, if they're serving and working together, they'll get closer than sticking them in a room together to talk about certain topics.


Jen said…
Sounds like so many fun adventure! I loved my time in youth group when I was younger. :)