Trip around the sun...

Since I've been 32 for a week now, I thought there should be a 32 list of things to tackle this trip around the sun.
HAPPY Belated birthday to MEEEEEEE!

  1. Run at least 50 Miles/months
  2. Get off the caffeine addiction
  3. visit family and friends 
  4. Read the Entire Bible
  5. Realize if my niece were in same town, I'd be her youth leader :O  Challenge Accepted.
  6. Get a Zoo Membership
  7. Buy Cymbals for my drum kit
  8. Learn to cook some Julia Child's recipes
  9. Make New recipes
  10. Sell loads of stuff at Youth Yard Sale!!!!
  11. Send Christmas Presents on TIME
  12. Read my Magazines
  13. Use Gym Membership
  14. Run at least one race/month
  15. Attend Camp
  16. Disciple Youth
  17. Read my Bookshelves or Donate to Church
  18. Cook a new recipe/Week
  19. Unpack garage
  20. Learn CS6 
  21. Create sustainable year-round vegetable garden.
  22. Can vegetable garden, eat, or give away excess
  23. Finish the Master bathroom remodel
  24. Re-upholster the outdoor chairs
  25. Plan Mission Trip for Youth
  26. Create a Star Wars Marathon Weekend Party
  27. Go to a Museum/cultural event/month Learn about this Circle City
  28. Go Downtown and walk around at least once a month
  29. Plan a REAL vacation
  30. Get ready to move again by next birthday(should have orders by then...)
  31. Go to Chicago
  32. Trip to Ikea
I think that should get my started on this whole year! I like having my birthday a month after New Years because it gives me time to set goals after people have already given up their New Year's ones. Motivation, yo.

What do yall have planned this year?


Jen said…
#29 and #32 are on my list too! I'm desperate for a real vacation. Have a great weekend!
ms.composure said…
these all sound like some great plans/goals!!!
Angela said…
well i will probably make a trip to Ikea, and hopefully have a vacation at some point, the rest sound a little tiring lol but you go girl!
came by via the blog hop and now follow on GFC hope you can visit back and maybe follow back if you like what you see, now where's that Ikea catalogue? ;).
Angela x