Breaking up is HARD to do.

Oh Hillsong, your lyrics rock, but I am not digging your arrangements. What happened to the MIGHTY TO SAVE people?

Snow, you're so pretty and shimmery yet such a tease as I KNOW spring is coming since I have plants poking out of the ground and it's going to be 50 degrees in two days. 

Melty melt melt drip.

Hello Youth Tshirt design. We need to break up. Too many thoughts and hours trying to make it perfect. YOU need to get over yourself already. Or maybe I need to get over perfection?

To-do list, you expect me to get this all done? I doubt that's going to happen. We'll make plans this weekend while the Marine has work stuff.

Sanctus Real, I cannot WAIT for your concert on Friday Night. I'll be the crazy one staffing the Compassion table. Let's be friends :)

Doggie: the reese's pieces belong to ME, not you. Stop trying to be diabetic. Also, please keep the stuffing INSIDE your toys. Thanks.

Feet: warm yourselves up already. I gave you shoes, now heat em up! 

And finally: treadmill; I shall return if this weather doesn't stop. There's a jelly bean race coming up and a 10 mile race in APRIL that someone wants to run WITH me. We need to be friends again. Welcome my running shoes when you see them. 


Jen said…
Have a wonderful day! :)