Kitchen Compassion

It's Monday.
And I am Irish. But our festivities included mexican food, Green attire, and green cupcakes. Today I'll scour the grocery stores for cheaper corned beef and toss it in the crock pot after work for some yummy dinner (meatless monday no more!)

And that's is only IF my kitchen resembles a kitchen by then, too. The Marine has installed a wall in the middle of the openness to try to make it feel more like a kitchen and less like a kitchen/mudroom/hallway/laundry room half of the house. Which also means the moulding in that part of the house is getting updated to match the rest of the bungalow moulding, and I'm getting a breakfast bar and a completely EMPTY five foot section of wall in the kitchen where the fridge used to sit. What to do with that space? The new wall in the kitchen will have drawers, cookbook storage, and possibly a pot rack... all the things currently missing in the kitchen currently. Oh the choices...and of course one more week left of the pinterest fast and I'll be able to check out some kitchen inspiration and see what do people typically do with an empty kitchen wall?

I am also kicking my butt back into a shape other than jiggle. I've been slacking off lately and have missed running because it's winter and it's cold and I don't like to run in the cold. So I haven't picked up any extra work out time to fill the running void and I feel bleh. I have become giggly and I am not a fan of that at all. Also my clothes fit differently since going from muscle to not muscle and I prefer the muscle fit in jeans and shirts, etc.

For someone who is suppose to run 10 miles in four weeks, I gotta kick it up and get moving. Otherwise 10 miles might as well be 26.

Compassion also has a new President. YAY.  I'm excited to see how this fits in the Compassion Model of releasing Children out of poverty in Jesus' Name. Extreme poverty WILL be wiped out during my lifetime! We're also having a Compassion Sunday at Church and I cannot wait to get the youth involved with that, too.. They MUST get outside of their boxes of "it's all about me me me".


Jen said…
Have a great day!!!! :)