Let it snow...

HOSANNA... 2013 years later is still chanted throughout this week until Friday.
It's funny how fickle crowds can be when they Praise Jesus one day and five days later yell CRUCIFY HIM!

And since Easter is next weekend, we've been graced with HEAPING amounts of snow. Those cute little Easter dresses will have to wait...or be worn with snow boots, thick sweater tights, and a coat. Or not..Saturday it'll be 52 degrees so we'll have to wear mud boots once all these inches of snow are gone. Thankfully my garden/snow/mud boots are all the same pair. hah

Front Room View
My giant Blue spruces are adorned with fluffy white snow.

The fun thing about where I live in the city is the fact that my side roads do not get plowed. All the MAIN roads do, so once we're on them it's not a bad drive. But sometimes getting to those roads can be tricky especially when the snow is higher than the vehicles' clearance. My driveway has a huge drift in the middle of it and it's currently deeper than the vehicle has ever gone through; which makes me want to play in it and see if the vehicle will make it.

Fire pit and benches with my shoveled section for doggie potty
And the snow is taller than the doggie..bahaha so much fun.

It just blows my mind how crazy this weather has been. Saturday was stunningly gorgeous. I even went for a run around my favorite running park and found a new fun trail to jog across.  It was a great run, too...


I really really despise snow. lol/
Jen said…
Wow that's a lot of snow!

It's been cold here too. No snow though.