Run run run into the arms of....

It's new release Tuesday and several amazing things came out.

1. The newest Passion cd
Run and go buy it or download on itunes. It's amazing worship songs that you'll be singing in church in no time, if you aren't already.

2. Audio Adrenaline's newest release after like ten years! Go, check it out and you'll remember why they were awesome in the 90s and why you'll love them now.

3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit came out on bluray for it's 25th Anniversary. Has it been that long? I probably haven't watched it in 24 years...

And I must plug another new favorite cd: RUN by Sanctus Real. We were fortunate enough to help out at a Compassion Table for their concert Friday night and we had a blast. The guys are super awesome!  The Marine was talking to their band manager half the night and was security for meeting Sanctus Real for all those who sponsored children that night.  I ended up with all Sanctus Real's albums, a tshirt, and  also a cd from Tony Wolf, a local comedian. But the concert..such a blessing to hear and see Sanctus Real in concert. I even tweeted a comment to them a couple times and they favorited and replied back! How awesome is that?! Such real people playing God's music.

So I now sound like a media junkie, but that's okay. I love music and love playing it, worshipping to it, singing to it, rocking out to it, and being real in it. People connect through music easier than most any other form of communication. Complete strangers can become friends by liking the same rhythm, the same song, the same artist, the same lyrics...etc. And music is in every culture just like God.
DO you agree? What have you listened to lately?

I may start posting a favorite song of the week. I used to do a link-up every Thursday but I think the link-up party was stopped. It's always fun to discover new music.


Jen said…
I love Who Framed Roger Rabbit! One of my favorite movies. :)