World Involvement


Happy World Water Day 2013! Can you imagine waking up and not having any water? Not being able to flush the toilet, brush your teeth, take a shower, boil water for noodle or rice, drink water...
That is a REALITY for thousands of people around the world.

I've had a friend visit her Compassion child in South America. One of the HARDEST questions she had to answer was "I heard you have clean water to flush with in your toilets?"  Why yes, our TOILET water is cleaner than most of the water sources WORLD WIDE. Can you imagine drinking from your toilet? There are thousands of people world wide that would LOVE to drink our toilet water because it's much safer and cleaner than what they're currently drinking. And it's not like soda, gatorade, kool-aid, juice, milk are readily available to drink either...

Water of Life. Changes things. It takes dirty water and cleans it up for over one MILLION gallons of water. That's a couple generations of four people! Check out this link and the resources available. It is amazing how one little "filter" changes lives.

Check out this video and PLEASE get involved. It's such a SIMPLE solution to a GREAT problem.

And if you're on the Eastern Crystal Coast of North Carolina, check out Rucker Johns! They're giving quarters for wells along with several other LOCAL restaurants. qh2o


Jen said…
What an amazing post, thanks for sharing. :)