Gulf winds in the Jazz Club.

This past week has been crazy. 

All of those things! The front room is re-painted. I'm in LOVE with it, and finally decided to paint it whatever I wanted too instead of what everyone thought would be goofy. It looks amazing. Even the Marine finally LOVES the color in there, too. He thought he'd LOATHE the color, but it turned out amazing.

It's come a LONG way from it's random flower to stripes to yellow walls since we've moved in. 
It's not grey and blue-ish/green perfection. Color is: Behr's GULF WINDS.
Which we have decided is another go-to color for all future homes, bathrooms, hallways. It'll probably be our neutral color against grey; like the rest of our home.

Look at the little photo Bomber.; Stealing a peek outside on his perch above the couch. 

This is the same wall a couple weeks ago. We lost a LITTLE bit of brightness but brought in a whole bunch of character and room flow from the living room that's painted JAZZ CLUB by Valspar. 

SO, what do you think? Those frames now have to move to a new place in the house or get repainted because they CLASH with our new paint. But if that's the LEAST of our troubles, we're stuck in "first world problems".

This weekend was also a Marriage retreat, an accident in the workplace for both the Marine and I, and   exhausting prayer warrior time!  So we're both helping clean up the messes in our respected jobs, being spiritually beat-up, and committing time to focus on the important things like salvations, worship, and the things that MATTER in life.

Let's start a new week all refreshed since spring FINALY arrived and it will be 80 the next two days and then back to 50 this weekend with rains. ACK. Bi-polar weather.



Jen said…
I love that color! :)