hard Things.

Thursday has become my Sabbath day of rest.
It's randomness in the middle of a week is why I adore and cherish it.
No other day works well for my schedule with work, youth, worship team, and Compassion obligations so officially Thursdays are MINE. It's been such a blessing to finally have a day off from the hurried, fast paced meetings, deadlines, etc coming up oh so fast this season.
Now I KNOW why we do need a Sabbath day of rest, of spending time with God alone, and being revived so we can keep going on.

We have had rain the past few days and EVERYTHING has turned green. It certainly feels like and looks like spring outside. I have flowers popping up everywhere like crocus, tulips, daffodils, and some others I haven't a clue about. The local crops of chives and onions are popped up though out the yard as well, too. YAY for wild food, right?

And the Marine has created raised garden beds this year, as seen in the picture. I have paths, beds, and am awaiting time to put the spring garden in and awaiting time for the summer garden. I have some seeds started for the summer, but I am not fortunate to deal with seedlings. I typically have to purchase my plants.  Does anyone know why my seedlings grow then die when they get uber tall?

One of my favorite walls in my house. It's just so cheery and happy. I love the colors, too. It's motivation as well because this was going to become a prayer room and now it's the television room where we spend a LOT of time, so this wall reminds me of what my priorities are instead of endless hours of current Netflix renderings at night with the Marine.


Jen said…
Yay for growing things!!! :)
I'm very excited to start planting my spring garden, but I have a tendency to kill everything I plant. Hoping that this spring is different!