Last night a college kid (who is younger than a couple youthins) posted a comment about #hashtags not belonging on Facebook. FOUR hours later, 1000+ comments later, we all finally went to bed.

We #hashed out every topic including #notstudyingforfinals #procrastinating
#Marinesisalwayscapitol #StarWars #disney #workingout #ornot any many many many more topic changes.

It was a blast. I am sure the people who commented early and went to bed are waking up this morning thinking, what HAPPENED last night. It was a great night of fellowship and procrastinating on studying for finals and their part.

SO, it's Friday and there's the Youth Open House tonight.  Basically it's a meeting for the parents but meetings are boring so why not spice is up and call it an Open House? Yep, that's exactly what I did. Games, prizes, food, information, fellowship, food, more food, and a tour of all the new rooms we've been working on. (We painted all three rooms and spruced them up for all those who think Youth is an exclusive club!)

The Marine's Birthday was yesterday and as a birthday present, the Marine Corps decided to send him to the field! Yay for sleeping in a tent on your birthday, right? I haven't purchased a gift yet, because he'll pick something out and buy it instead. Always does. I DID buy him two packages of OREOS that he's been wanting, so there's that, too. One of them is Birthday Cake flavored filling. SO that works, too.

And #onedaywithoutShoes Happened the day after Boston was attacked.
I had shoes on because I was in meetings all day and my toes were frozen. I still brought awareness because I talked about it and I wore my race short in support of Boston.
#Boston and I have a love/hate relationship just like running. I love it and hate it simultaneously.
But I wouldn't want to cause HARM to people running a peaceful, amazing race of the WORLDs Elite runners. What next, bombing the PGA? Wimbledon? Olympics?


Jen said…
Have a wonderful weekend!! :)