It's June, dear.

Three weeks have passed since I've written a blog entry.
It's practically the entire month of May in which is Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Memorial Day, Armed Forces Week, etc... Stuff I've all written about in the past. But have passed over this year.
It's also my Bestie's 40th Birthday Month, Indy 500 Race Weekend, and MANY more items as well.

All stuff that is dear to my heart being a Best Friend and a Military Spouse, but lately...
Je ne sais pas... I feel more like a Civilian. The Marine's been injured. Herniated Disks. And that alone has our life in turmoil between the "what's next" and surgery, med board, retirement, forced out etc settlements that are going through our heads. We are left in a darkened closet searching our way out and trusting whole heartedly on God to make it through this uncertain unknown world of "what happens next." Being in the military we should be used to it, but this is career stuff we're talking about, stuff that happens a year before we're suppose to move again and would have orders soon..but all that can change etc depending on the outcome of medical professionals in the military. (motrin anyone?)
And can the surgery or healing come any sooner? It's been over a month, the Marine is in excruciating pain daily, but he won't tell people that or act like he's hurt. But, it hurts me to watch it knowing that nothing I do can change it. 

And the sympathy card from his brother ( that lives RENT FREE with us)? "My back is killing me" because he FINALLY has to work at a job... like manual labor mowing grass and weed whacking, etc. PATHETIC! 


Jen said…
So sorry that your husband is hurt! :/
Hana Romer said…
The unknown sucks! I think that's my least favorite part of the military. It also sucks as a wife to see her husband hurting. I was medically discharged after 10 years, so if you have any questions on the process and benefits, let me know!