SO you can zoom zoom.

Ey.. It's been May over a week now.
It is officially BUSY season at work and in Youth Group as summer activities are starting to kick up especially in the Indianapolis area. The Indy 500 is Memorial Day Weekend, as well as our huge Youth Rummage sale and a Bestie's 40th birthday. The Indy 500 takes a lot of preparation because we drive by the Speedway on our way to work, church, shopping, our everyday lives. Road closures prevent that travel, and traffic becomes insane as you can imagine. Most of the times we have just walked the 2 miles to the Speedway and kept our $20 for parking. I LOVE the excitement of the Track in season. We hear the zoom zoom at our house most nights, get free passes to the race, and love every minute of it; sunburns and all.
See all those people in the stands? They have to come from somewhere...
Traffic is INSANE. We can't even get home because they block our streets off.

And this weekend, the Cultural Trail OFFICIALLY opens! I cannot wait to explore that, too. It's become my personal bike and run trail that is close to home. We live just a mile from a starting point of it and we really enjoy being so close to everything downtown Indy like the Indians Games, Lucas Oil Stadium (go Colts!), Banker's Life FieldHouse, the ZOO, the State Museum (which will host Star Wars things this summer!!!), and many more. We've fallen HARD for our city and will have a hard time saying good-bye when the Marine Corps moves us away.

Did anyone watch Iron Man 3, yet? We watched it 2130 the night before it "premiered". Our Local Regal Cinema had a 9:30 showing that technically made the movie end at 12:30 so it became a "midnight" premiere. It was an amazing movie and MUCH better than Iron Man 2. If you watched it, did you stay for the ending after the credits part? Best.Part.Ever!!!!!

Oh, and let's not forget Fast and the Furious coming up May 24th! zoom zoom.


Hana Romer said…
My hubby and I are planning on getting involved with youth group at our church after the summer! I'm really nervous!!!! Any tips or advice would be great!
I want to watch Iron Man 3. Maybe I'll go sometime.

I REALLY want to see the newest Hangover movie though. It comes out on the 24th.