How many Mosquitos?

Hundreds of pictures are taken daily by ME for my job, so it would be easy to think that I'd have plenty of awesome CAMP photos to share; but of course, you'd be wrong in assuming so. Something something about property of camp, not personal property; rules that are GREAT for all those "kid safe" reasons.

And social media faux pas that violate rules. Wouldn't you want to know if a random person was putting photos of YOUR children on the internet just because they had a camera during a week at camp? *creepy* but almost unavoidable in this age of everyone has to know what's going on around them even when they're not with their children for a week.
Counselors are the WORST social media offenders; even though they sign a form that says ALL photos shot at camp are the PROPERTY of said camp. I wonder how other camps deal with this sort of thing?

SO, yes it is safe to say that I've been immersed into my job. Last week I was dual-rolled with Camp Staff and a Camp Counselor/Youth Leader. I slept as little as everyone else, had to be in three places at the same time, and ate CAMP FOOD for a week; which I am still battling against.

It is SAFE to say that THIS, this CAMP thing is definitely my calling from God. Between this and the youth leader/Pastor thing, I am in the midst of where He wants me to be, which is unsettling and thrilling all at the same time. HE has trusted me with these youth, these tasks at work, and given me the tools, experiences, and desires to work it all out WITH Him.

These youth WILL change the world, and we NEED to equip them with reasons WHY and HOW without giving our negativity the world has to offer them.


Jen said…
This sounds so amazing!