Ahoy, Mateys.

It's International Talk like a PIRATE Day; One of my VERY favorite Holidays. 

Which means I get to wear my pirate SHOES today! 
Similar to these Toms, but they're sketchers from many moons ago.
It also means that Pirate movies will be playing on my television, too
 (while cleaning and cooking and sorts!)
Peter Pan, Hook, Pirates of the Caribbean, Goonies. 

Loads of people don't like the skull and crossbones because it signifies death, destruction, murder, rape, stealing, etc. 
I think it's no worse than being a SPARTAN for years in High School.
or Trojan or Goblin
Or currently: Raiders,  Buccaneers, Vikings, etc.
Those all signify death and destruction, but we CHEER for them. 

Pirates are intriguing to me. 
Blackbeard's ship sank off the NC coast where I have lived twice (thanks to USMC).
The whole eastern North Carolina region is dripping with Pirates.
The High School mascots, the NC Aquariums, the state parks, the tourist shops.
Pirates. Pirates. Pirates.

To see and hear of the legends that surround the very people played alongside Johnny Depp in the Pirates movies is surreal to me. 
Blackbeard was real. 
The death, destruction, adventures, etc were REAL.
I believe my fascination started with Swiss Family Robinson. 
From there, it's been and forever shall be pirates.
then Goonies.
then Peter Pan.
Pirates of the Caribbean.

So, what will you do to celebrate this amazing once a year FUN holiday?


Jen said…
Haha I love this post! :) I sent my husband a text this morning and all it said was "ARRGGHHH"