Come On, it's time to Look up.

Summer's officially over around here. Actually, it's been over for more than a month and school went back in session JULY 31! Holy earliness Batman. Do yall know how hard it is to plan camp, mission trips, youth gatherings around summer family vacations in just eight weeks time?! Yowzers. 
Their last mission trip was just DAYS before school started; like three days. 

Anyhow, I'm sure if you've stuck around the past couple months, you'll notice a nifty new blog header. I'm becoming somewhat a menace in Photoshop and indesign (since that's what I do for my jobby job) and started playing around with ideas and such. I love it currently, but we all know that's bound to change in time.

Three things this Thursday:



perfect for those HOT summer run days.
It's JUST like regular Raspberry Lemonade.
The Strawberry's yummy too but this is my FAVORITE!


Will have an amazing review of Youth Cartel's stuff soon. We're being commissioned as part of a pilot program set to release October 1st! So excited. World. Changing.
and Changing.the.World.