Falling for Fall

1. Temperatures outside; hopefully.
We've had a blast of heat the past couple weeks with temps soaring into the 90s and added humidity.
It is NO fun to run at 94 degrees with 70% humidity at 10 am. NO.

2.  Store displays. It's no longer neon colors with happy fonts; it's now Christmas colors and Santas. WHY do stores SKIP over the happiest season? Let's bring back FALL! Burnt orange, red, yellow, purple, greens. Ya know those colors that the trees will soon be turning into. The happy fall colors we've all come to cherish and adore since we wear them in the fall, too with BOOTS and scarves to match.

3. Apple Orchards. Busy busy busy time for them and I love it. Apple donuts, apple slushies, apple cider, apple pickin, apple pie, etc. Give me all things APPLES and it still wouldn't be enough. Currently burning an APPLE candle and just washed my hands in apple soap. MMmmMMM.

4.  Bath and Body Works does FALL correctly. Sneak peek at the new scents and AMPS you up for their sales of Pumpkin all the things. Pumpkin cupcake is coming to mi casa soon soon soon.

5. Football 'nuf said.

6. School is back is for EVERYONE across the United States. Our school systems returned those children July 31! Therefore the parents weren't sick of them yet, and they had just enough fun before school returned and didn't keep them "bored" in an age of technology. *sigh*

7.  Fall Fashions. Boots, sweaters, leggings(God help us all), scarves, multiple layers, bold colors, denim, wearing WHITE after Labor Day, chunky closed-toe wedges,  and hats return.

8. Chocolate returns to pantries without being melted in the blazing hotness of houses all across America.  (or is that just MY house?) Living in Arizona taught us a lot about chocolate in the summer in anyplace other than the fridge. It just doesn't happen. I think there's currently chocolate bars in our fridge now and who wants a HARD chocolate bar or half melted one?

9. Baking returns with apple and pumpkin everything. Have you SEEN Pinterest lately? It's not just those I follow either, it's ALL the people.
Oh, and SOUPS in the crock pot five days a week. Or so it seems on Pinterest.

10. Day Light. It goes away starting now. Being in the midwest border town of INDIANAPOLIS, it's confusing during the summer months.( I know what you're thinking, Indianapolis isn't a BORDER TOWN, it's right SMACK in the middle of Indiana. Oh, true. But it's in the border of Easter time or Central time. )
But, if one travel directly north or south, it's CENTRAL time zone. Hence, we're still EASTERN and the sun is still UP and alive at 9:30 PM ALL SUMMER LONG. Try getting your kids to bed any earlier, I DARE you.  But anyhow, our sun is finally setting around 8:30 currently and we miss our summer sun... we need more bonfires and smores and friend nights that turn into mornings.


Jen said…
It's crazy how quickly all the stores change over to fall.
Hana R said…
I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award. You can read all about it here http://www.domesticatedcombatboots.com/2013/09/the-liebster-award.html

I hope you can take some time to do it! I'd love to hear all your answers to my questions!!!