Living and Active

The half marathon I've been training for ALL summer was this past Saturday.
I wasn't there.
My shoes broke and the new ones changed my running stance.
I did a COLOR ME RAD 5k and walked half of it instead.

I feel out of shape even though I could DO a half marathon RIGHT NOW if I wanted too, would just have to get different shoes or tear up my feet in my old ones.

SO, with that being said; I've joined a fitness challenge to kick my butt back into training gear.

It starts today and it is  five weeks of working out our bodies and souls. There's Scripture to memorize and work outs to do! Plus, all summer I've just been running. There's no additional workouts that I've added so I feel like a bum. Running ten miles is not being a bum, but if that's all I am doing, yes I am a BUM! Cross training is EFFECTIVE and I've not jumped into it this year like I did last year.

Challenge accepted.
Will you join me?
Oh yeah, it's FREE and there's a prize at the end.


Jen said…
Bummer that you couldn't be there!