change is eminent

October FLEW by with all the whirlwind of activities and fall escapades to be had.
Apple Orchards, Running, ZooBoo, Pumpkin Smash, Leader Retreat, 50K bike a thon,  and more.
It was also Dwarfism Awareness month. and Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month and a million other "awareness" things.
October has a LOT of things piled up into a sweet little package of only 31 days.

October has changed me this year.
I became an avid spinner at the gym.
I run for pleasure now.
I started to really enjoy the new direction of my job (sales/reservations) and guests started booking more often than not.
I finally received the book I waited a month to come in and it rocked my world...all 98 pages of it.

And's already full of changes.
I am no longer employed.

Curriculum change in Youth Group on Sundays.
Can't do the elliptical machines after learning how to run; i
t doesn't work anymore.
 I found my USMC Ball dress for a mere $24.99 on the first "lets just see what's out there" kind of looking. It wasn't even the dress I took into the changing room. It was already IN the changing room hanging there in a pretty color and in MY size. SO yes, it came home with me and it's way more modest than most other dresses typically are and I adore it.

One week into this Thankful Month and I'm ready to start puking at the sight of "day 7 thankful for..." on Facebook. There's this thing called a prayer journal or a gratitude journal, post it in THERE.  Ann Voskamp has made a nice living off of her 1000 Gifts books/journals/calendars/App, etc. We don't need facebook to remind us again of the petty things we're thankful for until I read something that isn't "thankful for this thing and this THING and maybe this person... I will continue on.
go deeper.

oh. Bread & Wine. Buy the book and don't look back. If I ever get a tattoo, I want THAT font on me. It's so daring, so bold, so elegant and commanding all at the same time. The idea of bringing together people and food and God yearns in my soul. People often forget that LEADING Ministry is lonely. So often our time is fixed on DOING and not BEING that we get plagued by not coming together and alongside others.

So, what's next is the theme of this month.
Change was always inevitable.
We are still awaiting orders.
Still in limbo about moving/not moving.
Currently don't have a job to keep me here, but do I look for one knowing that in nine-ish months we could be moving.
And finally YOUTH. There's a new direction coming soon that will rock their worlds.
And I pray God uses them BIG.

Big. Big. BIG.


Jen said…
Wow so many changes!!