Happy Bday Veteran's Fast.

Sunday: Happty 238th Birthday, Marines.

Monday: Happy Veteran's Day to ALL who have earned their uniform for the military services of the United States.

Tuesday: snow.

Yep. This week has been a little epic in celebrations.

Also, we fasted as a church on Monday followed by a prayer and worship time. We know God hears our prayers and blesses sacrifices. So, we prayed for BIG things. Bold Things. We begged God to show HImself like never before and we are believing it.

And Saturday; our Marine Corps Birthday Ball Celebration. 
And our free Thanksgiving Dinner and Celebration Service at Church. 
Where's cloning coming along these days?
 I kid. 
Kind of.

The Marine and I went out to eat yesterday to break our fast. 
We decided to be gluttons of punishment instead.
City BBQ.
The Marine got an entire platter of FREE food. 
I got North Carolina pulled pork, green beans, mac and cheese, and fried pickles.
The Marine ate Brisket sandwich (with jalapeƱos), corn puddin', and smashed taters. 
We had SO SO SO much food. 
And we ate about HALF of it.
And about died since we hadn't eaten the previous 24 hours. 
And then we went to Target. (everyone's happy place).

And purchased this lovely comforter on the right for $26.98, originally $99.99.
So our color scheme now looks like this.

That purple is the color of our walls. The creme is the color of the curtains.
The teal is our bedding, along with a cozy gray.
Complete Accident, but it is working...
I was trying to keep teal OUT of the bedroom since it's in EVERY.SINGLE.ROOM. of the house (by default cause it's AWESOME).
So now we just feel ocean-y in every part of our house...miles away from any body of water. hah.


Hana R said…
I loooooooove fried pickles!!! It's totally a southern thing and people up here don't get it!
Mario Trucillo said…
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