Happy Thanksgiving, pie and ALL

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's really, just the eve of it, but I'm sure we'll all be busy today and tomorrow greeting families, cooking food, and spending time with what really matters; being GRATEFUL and THANKFUL instead of shopping those gotta haves-ies.

This year, we're having another Friends-Giving. We're heading over to our friends house for a feast at 1300 with them and their family that has become another second family to us. That's what happens every.single.time we move. God finds us family and we're "adopted" in and made part of something bigger than us. It's such a blessing. Even though we have family 6 hours away, it's easier to just go for Christmas.  The youthins have a community outreach event this Saturday and I don't want to drive and drive back in a couple days because that's exhausting.

I'm thinking about heading to the gym or running tomorrow for those that can't. I haven't run in snow before and it's supposed to snow and that would be a fun adventure I think...mainly because it'll be an inch at most and not three feet like Ohio. hehe.


Jen said…
Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)