This stuff is amazing. It fixes the conundrum of black or brown or both or or or. 
Our house is brown with brown trim and brown windows and tan this and brown that. Yet, we also have metal railings that are typically black. (ew) So I have painted them ORB (oil rubbed bronze) and it  solves the drama of black against brown and blends nicely without being another brown due to the metallic flecks in it. And because it kinda looks black without the sharpness of black. 

Enter the kitchen. Brown linoleum flooring. Brown cabinets. Dark walnut trim. Cream counters. Cream backsplash.  Black/stainless appliances. Grey walls. It's a hot mess. The previous owners had a love affair with all things brown and cream/ivory. We're taking back our house one brown color at a time. 
So our cabinets are going oil rubbed bronze. The walls are changing into a pale color to brighten the room and the flooring, it'll be changing too. I've painted both the front and back door of the house in ORB, too. I love how the metallic bits shine in the sun. It's marvelous. 

The only downside is that it's oil paint. SO it takes a little while to remove itself from my skin. And it smells. and it's freezing outside so windows open only half the amount of time. 

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