Christmas Tidings

Ugly Sweater Christmas was a hit. 
There were Christmas sweaters, but nothing too UGLY.
There were a million calories of sugar, but no sugar highs.
There are tacos and nachos everywhere and no one left hungry. 
Everyone got a silly White Elephant Gift ( I got two pairs of awesome socks)
and the Marine got a Duck Dynasty poster and wrapping paper. 

We leave today/tonight for Ohio. We've only told Grandpa and posted on Facebook that we're arriving.
How's that for random? There are just not enough DAYS to go see everyone that is in Ohio between family and friends and yummy pizza places.  And nothing is packed, the kitchen is still a hot mess from baking yummies, bread, and regular meals.

And I am sick. It's probably just a cold because it's my head that's all stuffy and/or draining. YAY for being SICK on Christmas, right?

So, with that and the fact I have one hundred things to pack and wrap still...

Have a VERY Merry Christmas and remember the season is about Jesus, not some fat guy in a red suit trying to steal the show.