Fa la la la la falafel?

Christmas decorations are up.
Well, kinda.
The tree is up. The Nativity is on the entertainment center, and there are a few items around that look like Christmas.
But, we haven't gone all out decorating this year.
The lights aren't even up outside yet....
No garlands are hung, no second tree for penguins decorated, no lights hung inside except the tree.

It's a low key simple Christmas.
Mainly because we'll be heading to Ohio and the brother in law is going to Massachusetts to visit his son, and we're trying to focus on other things than the stuff we "MUST" put up only to take it down three weeks later...
Maybe once the presents get wrapped and put under the tree it'll be different?


It snowed here over night and we're supposed to get more which is exciting. It's starting to feel a little bit more like Christmas time.


Christmas Season is always mysterious and wonderful, but mainly because of the stuff we've made it into. It's really no longer about Jesus. We don't decorate a tree because of Him, or buy a million presents because of the Wise Men bringing Jesus presents (cuz let's be honest... we'd be GIVING away presents to people who needed them, not those who already have everything), we don't throw/host parties full of cookies because that's what Jesus ate, etc.. we do this for US... ourselves.
and maybe family tradition.

But how are we to take away tradition and make Christmas about Christ?
Candlelight service at church?
347 movies about Santa?
An outing to the North Pole via the Polar Express?

I've been trying to "re-claim" Christmas with the youth, but I don't think it's working. They're doing a 40 days of giving before Christmas and only one is consistently doing it, but even then...they're doing stuff they wold normally do like make their beds, take out trash, etc.. CHORES. No one is going above and beyond..which is what the challenge was about.

Discipleship would change this.

I know it.