a brisket and a cold.

It's become an addiction of sorts.
It all started at City BBQ, where they have a selection of BBQ from all across the country.  They would entice me by putting eastern NC bbq on the menu. BAM, I used to order that every.single.time.
But then a miracle happened and I ordered SMOKED turkey breast (trying to be a little healthier) and my world changed.
Which then lead me to watching copious amounts of Barbeque competitions and then lead to the Marine watching them and wanting to try them. SO, last week we ended up at the commissary since that is where the Marine's new office will be located (across from it anyhow). 
Brisket. $2.49/pound! WHA???!! It's over $4/pond everywhere else. So we grab a smallish one and on Sunday, he smokes it. oh my nom noms. This was so so perfect and smokey and beefy and a little tang to finish it. Absolutely worth the time and smokey smell. (and for the grill with a smoker attachment). It was a tad overcooked, but being that it was 40 degrees out (and falling) and he got the smoker up to temperature, I say that's a success. 
okay, so the Marine just came home with a TWELVE pound brisket. y'all, we're going to be eating Brisket for.ever. But it's okay because it's is FRESH! And much cheaper than Sam's Club..double YAYness. 
We're smoking another one Sunday along with a rackish of pork ribs. 
And on Friday, I have an amazing opportunity but have a confidentiality agreement to sign, so I can say it involves cooking in a kitchen not my own. I am stoked to go travel and visit this location and make something yummy. 

And I'm just going to say it, I am DONE with these winter temperatures already. Good Gravy negative degrees is not my ideal winter temp. I want my Indianapolis winter of 30-40ish degrees back, please? Snow is fine, but i am tired of temperatures that typically graze Alaska, Montana, and Canada. 
done. done. done.


SO, anyone want some BBQ and warmer temperatures like I do right now???