Oh Worship

I am back from a weekend jaunt off to Cedarville University for a WORSHIP Conference.
Did you know they have conference that explain how to WORSHIP?
Yeah, crazy, right?
But it was all about lights, sound boards, instruments, choirs, how to talk to the team, leadership, the heart of the worship teams, etc. It is very informative for those who wish to be the best at their instrument, the worship attitude, and a night filled with Worship without being on stage leading it.
Travis Cottrell was the Worship leader for the weekend. I did not think I'd enjoy his musical choice as much as last year's New Song worship Team, but alas I loved it even more.
Hymns with a choir to music with electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic, drum kit, keyboard, piano, four singers. AMAZING.  && 90 minutes of straight worship felt like five. Also, one of the summer missionaries from camp attends college there and we were able to hang out and talk, eat, worship together.

And My birthday is Saturday so my husband ordered my present last week and it arrived it while I was gone. And of course he cannot WAIT until my birthday to give it to me so I opened it the night I returned home, but I had to study for Sunday School the next day. It isn't fair to hand a percussionist/drummer a CAJON and not be able to play with it… But tonight is worship practice and I was asked to bring it. So there's that.
Flat-top Cajon.  The "tee" parts sit on your knees as you play it.

And I have to talk weather for a bit because oh my goodness…brr. This past weekend at Cedarville was super cold with the wind blowing across the corn fields and it created a lot of hazardous travel conditions on the road with snow drifts. It took a lot longer than the 2.5 hours it normally takes to get home. But we had dinner at Chipotle and that is always worth it. nom nom nom.


prtrixie said…
Congratulations on receiving your first cajone! You will find it is very flexible in sound and extremely portable! Happy early birthday, to a wonderful woman, who just happens to be my daughter too! I love you forever. Mom