SnowPocalypse2014, Indy Style

I've been inside my house since noon on Sunday. And I haven't left except twice to (a) make a giant snowman and (b) grab the mail. Both of which are in the confines of my property. 

The Marine's had to work in the snowpocalypse2014. Which he isn't complaining about, but I am. Those roads are absolutely not safe. We've had a tree down on our back road (we live on a corner lot) that's been there since Sunday. No one can pass. That's the road the school bus takes to bring the neighborhood children to their respective education cells, which is completely fine since they haven't been to school in THREE weeks anyhow. 

Pipes are bursting, electricity out, and more car accidents and cold related health problems are flooding the city. Our electricity went out for three hours and our home only dropped a few degrees. Of course we also have a gas stove and candles galore, but still…. 

I'm done being stuck inside. Church was even cancelled for Wednesday Night services/activities, which is quite RARE but again, the roads are very unsafe even four days later. Thankfully I believe this is the last day of snow drama as we'll have warming temperatures and RAIN, which will cause ICE drama. 

Lately while "stuck" inside I've had time to read things and think and pray. And read some more. And check my heart. It's not a pretty heart, that's for sure. There's definitely no rainbows or sunshine in it.  Instead, it is full of things like greed, envy, ego, pride, and a need for people to like me. (all of which is hard to admit).  But it's changing my ministries. It's taking me out of the equation and challenging me to do stuff the students NEED, not just what I prefer that they need. 

Fun times are good… but we also NEED to do missions. We need to be about DOING the Father's business as well as teaching and fellowshipping. I cannot give these things to the youthins, either. They cannot get EVERYTHING they want. Work before missions. Work in missions. Work through missions. Teaching people about Jesus comes at a cost, and the youth need to learn that because the world will teach them no one needs Jesus.