And so it is; a Friday and a weekend.
There's a lock-in to be held tonight for my youthins and I.
Sleep MIGHT happen.
Might not.
Either way, they leave at 10am and their sleep habits won't be my concern any longer. hah.
We're playing "Winter Games" and watching a movie and playing more Winter Games and then cooking breakfast for the Men's Prayer Breakfast.
The last time we did that was an adventure and much appreciated by the Men. It also increases attendance at the men's breakfast when they know they have to come pick up the youthins afterwards, they just arrive earlier for breakfast. Win-win.

And we have more snow. SO far this week's weather has been 50s, rain, sleet, snow and back to 20s with snow. No wonder I cannot shake this cold/sinus drainage. It's been a little bit crazy since the Arctic weather and there's another bout of it heading our way. YAY for frozen tundra lands.

There is a plus side to being stuck inside; organization and cleaning and clearing out all the JUNK we've accumulated in the past 13 years of marriage. I have dropped off two giant trash bags of clothes, two giant boxes of stuff and have an assortment of 10-ish small Amazon boxes full of stuff to drop for the rummage sale in May @ Church. We're hosting another rummage sale in May, on Memorial Day weekend. It's the best of both worlds because we have the INSANE traffic additions from Indianapolis Motor Speedway that weekend, too. (Indy 500).

And these photos; they're the NEEEW Hershey's Spreads. I was chosen to receive one from Crowdtap as a free sample to try out. It was delicious and it half gone once I gave Chris the free reign of dried banana chips and this chocolate with almonds dip. It's BETTER than Nutella in my opinion. It's stickier, creamier, and doesn't have an overwhelming almond flavor. It's perfect to mix with cool whip for a frosting, in hot cocoa, or just on toast. 
nom nom nom.