Boston, San Diego, Jacksonville, OH MY!

More snow is heading our way. I should NOT be surprised as it is winter and all. But the past couple years, I was out running during the February months. Now, I'm sitting on my butt inside drinking hot chocolate and wishing the snow away. We've officially broken the record of "snowiest" winter in Indiana record keeping history. Which, is ironic because two years ago, the summer broke all time record highs in July. This duty station has blended all our other duty stations together, weather-wise; High Humidity, Desert Heat Temperatures, Intense Snow accumulations, monsoon rains, and drought. It's like living in Massachusetts, Yuma, coastal Carolina, and 29 Palms all in one.

And I am missing San Diego right now.  Of all the places I've never lived, but have enjoyed visiting, THIS would be that city.  My favorite city full of sun, ocean, military, diversity, traffic, noise, and places to explore. Which is weird because Indianapolis has EVERYTHING on that list except the ocean…
Indiana War Memorial Ceiling

So this brings me back to finding a place to call home once the Marine's retirement hits. We've loved several places along the journey of the Marine Corps, but each place also has enough faults with it, too. Here, we are close enough to family, but far enough away to know that we don't even know them anymore. After 13 years of living away from them, we're the outsiders. Yet, when I am visiting, I love hanging out with family…and then I am expected to know everything that's happened the past 13 years and I truly, really don't because my family doesn't talk. But, that is the sacrifice of living the United States Military life.
Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, California, Arizona, or something completely new? The only thing that would send us back to Massachusetts is the house we own there, or God. Because while we didn't have a HORRIBLE time living there, it wasn't our favorite. I loved the rest of New England, but LOATHE the snow and cold that happens there. I enjoyed the summers of oceans, Lighthouses, outlet malls, hiking, geocaching and the falls with apple orchards. But that doesn't excuse the pile upon piles upon piles of snow and cold that lasted until after April every.single.year. Easter shouldn't happen in a winter coat.

And that leaves us with still no orders as to when/if we're moving this summer. Hurrah.
We're hoping that no news is good news and we're here for another year.
BUT, one can never truly know until it's past PCS season again…


Jen said…
PCS season is always such a crazy time!
Hana R said…
I hate Massachusetts. Hate it. I am counting down the days till we pcs. It's my least favorite place ever!!!!