plus the minus

+ I get to disciple my youthins
- I changed their jobs for the Valentine's fundraiser night and they're going to complain

+shopping at Target and purchasing an awesome WOOL peacoat in Navy Blue for only $6.29
-a customer had a heart attack in the produce section and it didn't look too good. I was there while he was getting chest compressions and they started cutting off the gentleman's clothes. The grandson was shooed off to their Starbucks for a hot chocolate. The gentleman was unresponsive to CPR so hopefully something happened in the Ambulance.

+watching Crocodile Dundee 2; I've gone back to my childhood watching this and eating spaghettios.
- I gotta finish cleaning afterwards

+went to some batting cages yesterday, didn't have to wear a helmet….hit myself in the ear with a rouge ball.
- can't move much today

+cooked in the Ball test kitchen last Friday
- the sauce was chunky and not as smooth as it could have been

+the snow melted and turned to ice
- there's another giangantor snow storm heading out way tonight and tomorrow