Sacrificing a move

The polar vortex is coming back. I am pretty sure it was evicted last time and it's really not welcome again. It's due to hit this weekend… which is INSANE because (a) SON OF GOD comes out in theaters and there's a flurry of events surrounding that, (b) I have two concerts this weekend and lastly, with winter. This is the longest winter we've had in Indiana since moving here; and the longest that Indiana people can remember, too. We're used to 40-50s by now and out running and planting things and cleaning up our yards in preparation for the spring flowers and such. NOT SNOW.

In Marine Corps related events; the Marine can still possibly get promoted. YAYness.
and also, we're here until 2015. The monitor sheet says so. And so that makes each I-I Duty station we've been honored to be a part of, four year terms. And it also still makes our "fleet" terms 2-2.5 years. Our spin around the world with the Marine Corps is anything but normal. We've spent more time living "civilian" life than surrounded by a base full of Marines and Sailors. Thankfully, there's a commissary here, thank you Army "fort".

And in other VERY fun and important news; I'll be heading to North Carolina on a mission trip with my youthins in July. We're joining forces and throwing some youth together to collaborate on mission projects to get their thoughts OFF themselves and onto serving others. PLUS, for my group, it'll be BEACH TOWN & something completely different from any place they've ever been to before.
(and their former youth pastor dude lives in Raleigh while attending seminary and they miss him mucho grande). So, it's a win-win for everyone.

So, does anyone have any service projects they need conquered in July?
We have BIG plans for this group of locals & midwesterners and will have an entire week of serving to accomplish. Plus, one of my helpers is an Army National Guardsmen and we NEED to show him Marine Corps side of life. ;)

Ash Wednesday is coming quickly, and as always, we're not "lent" people by traditional Christian means, but I think it helps focus the mind on Easter and what Jesus' sacrifice really means. We use Lent as a fasting method to change the minds of the youth during such a HUGE time in the life of Jesus, as we remember and honor what He's done for us.


Hana R said…
Will be praying for you mission trip! And I am SO OVER this ridiculously long and cold winter!!!!!