Strawberry, Brisket, Puppy.

My house smells AMAZING!
The Marine WAS up till 3AM smoking brisket and turkey for the Youth Valentine's Fundraiser dinner tonight.  He is currently at work and may not even make it to the dinner, but he put in his time and help on it already.
So, it's a bit smoked-smelling in the casa and I think there should be a man candle with this scent. It's the same one wafting out of BBQ joints around the country and typically, the best smelling food, too. noms.

I have pictures, but do I really wanna post them to make y'all drool over meat at 9AM?

How about drooling over cornbread muffins instead?
How about strawberry walnut salad with a raspberry vinaigrette?

Cue adorable puppy picture instead. The world needs more Toby pictures, since he's adorable, and cuddling, and currently snoozing the morning away.

So in Mission Trip news; we might have NAILED it…and God steps in EVRY.SINGLE.TIME.