caffeine & sarcasm

It's FRIDAY and it's going to be in the 50s today. HURRAH!
Finally, I am stoked. I've been refusing to wear my winter coat this past week in rejection that it isn't spring-like temperatures yet. Also, I am done with wearing socks and fluffy warm boots. D-o-n-e.  SIX months is enough for "boot weather."

And I am dying for a full throttle and/or pepsi this morning. You see, with this whole Youth Director thing, I apparently go above and beyond. We chose two items to give up for Lent. One physical item and one stupid bad habit that we've acquired in our lives. Being the over-achiever, I couldn't decide so the youth chose FOR me. 46 days without caffeine and sarcasm. That's my life right now.
Two very bad, good for nothing habits that are kicking my BUTT.  Absolutely kicking my butt.
And Monday, I start watching/nannying for an almost three month old little girl…Without caffeine and the day AFTER the SPRING forward time change. This shall be interesting. I realized that with the amount of caffeine I drink , it apparently DOES keep me awake longer than my body needs/wants. I was ready for bed by 8pm last night. But of course The Big Bang Theory was on and I HAVE to watch the new episodes, heck who am I kidding, I watch it even if they're re-runs.

And of course, because I am quitting caffeine, I had terrible sleeps last night. Horrible. And that induces my dependency on caffeine, except I can't have it. Way to break the cycle, right? I know I'll be healthier in the end and I'll have to suffer a few headaches and such, but that's all for the sake of being closer to Jesus.


Rachel said…
Wow, letting the youth choose for you? That's pretty brave!!