I love the way you hold me IF:

It's been a challenging morning to my heart.
First, I read this.
It'll slay your heart strings when you KNOW you've been going but not serving anyone outside of the four walls of church, home, family, friends; serving other Christians only.

Second, I read this.
My heart hurts of the entire Little People Community and what an industry says about "THEM".
My God-daughter is MORE than anything Hollywood can dream up. She has big plans for her life given and bestowed by GOD for her. Thanks Hollywood for trying to cheapen that and her.


But then…

then the morning was spent researching mission trip projects, needs lists, non profits, and local places, too.

And I got to thinking: WHY do these amazing non-profits agencies who are DOING the work we're called to do, in need? Why do we make sure our pantries and linen closets, and spare bedrooms, and monica closets, and our STASH closets FULL and overwhelming to us.. yet the homeless shelter needs flip-flops, shampoo, conditioners, toothbrushes, toothpaste (which I just got FREE from my dentist)?
Why does a clinic still have a need for sanitizer, cotton balls, disinfectant spray?
And why does a food pantry still need napkins, disposable plates, ziploc bags, and paper towels?


And then I thought.. it's me. It's my closet full of towels, blankets, socks, pants, sweaters, hoodies, jeans, and flip-flops. My excess that creates a need somewhere else.
Just because "we've earned" that money, doesn't make it OURS. It belongs to God.
God's money can be used. Our money doesn't always get used properly for His Kingdom purposes.

and then there was this.

And that, wrecked me. He forgave me. and today is going to be different.

P.S. Happy belated Dr. Seuss day (yesterday).

and yet, I still have a RESTLESS Bible Study tonight. *holdme* it's going to be one tough season of changing my world for Jesus.