Mary, Mary... (did you know?)

Spring. At least that's what the calendar portrays. The weather, it hasn't received the memo as of late. We were forecasted snow last night and thankfully did not receive it. I am just overly done with being cold. Done.Done.DONE!

I want to plant tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, broccoli, celery gotta be VeggieTales. (oops wrong song). Or maybe harvest some fresh yummy strawberries,  blueberries, and grapes that we have growing? Or maybe I just want to finally see my hydrangeas in bloom again. 
Or dig in the dirt to find some treasure like daffodils, crocus, tulip bulbs, even? yes. I want it all. And I want it with some SUN and warmer temperatures so this stuff GROWS. 

And so, operation remodel is about to kick into high gear. We'll be tiling the guest bathroom this weekend before the brother-in-law returns from Arkansas. (WHO goes there for Spring break??!!), We'll be staining and painting and finishing up the kitchen mini remodel this weekend, installing bathroom sinks, creating a new sink cabinet, creating drawer for cabinets in kitchen, and kicking clutter and excess JUNK to the curb. We'll be donating a television to the youth room, utilizing the front room finally, and organizing the stuff we have that doesn't work in this house. 
Plus, find time for an awesome run downtown in 65 degree weather tomorrow. I can't WAIT. 
And of course watch a movie with the youth and attend WINTER JAM on Saturday and Church on Sunday. phew. I am tired now.