Running to you..

First week back to "work" and I'm loving it. Twenty hours of snuggles, feedings, playing, and diaper changes is pretty awesome. It's also a lot less stressful and demanding then my previous job and allows time for my "uth" ministry gig.
I just have to scrub my house clean this weekend and do maintenance on it during the week instead of vise versa. Wednesdays turn into 16 hour days for me between baby, church, and working out.

And we're finally kicking butt on the bathroom remodel. I stained the cabinet yesterday along with the bar countertop in the kitchen. Next step (today) is to spar varnish them both to repel sunlight and water splashes. Once that is dry and cured, the sink can finally be installed and we can brush our teeth  in our own bathroom again. We won't have to wait on the brother-in-law to get out of the other bathroom before we can brush our teeth. Which, come July 1st (or sooner) he will be out anyhow. And he'll go kicking and screaming even though we've given him TWO years to finish his Bachelor's degree and he's still not done (he's been FT in college for the past seven years!). It's going to be a battle and I'm praying it really won't be drama like it was last time we forced him to leave. We are done at this point even trying to "help" him.
We cannot even think about adoption while he's living with us and that's not fair to our family. Our family comes first and we've allowed him to change that the past two years because he is the Marine's brother.

I have started running outside again. It is amazing. Yes, it kinda sorta hurts since I haven't run much in the six months that it's been winter, but it's so much better than any treadmill! I still keep my original pace that I was trickling into faster times last summer, so there's that, too. I just have to keep going and stop running while dehydrated, it's my biggest flaw. Today I'm heading downtown to run around the zoo and check out the green canal (for St. Patrick's Day) once it warms up a little bit more. I don't prefer running in temperatures below 50 degrees F.

Oh, and have y'all checked out RESLTESS? It's a perfect book, bible study, youtube video trifecta. It's perfect for this season in my life and I'm really loving Jennie Allen's honesty and realness. It's so refreshing in women's ministry. She's not a writer because she knows someone or because someone (other than God) gave her ideas to be a writer. It's not a "who ya know" kinda place and I absolutely LOVE that and miss that. She's a writer because God gave her talent and because God placed a certain passion on her heart. Jennie isn't stealing other peoples' creative talents and making them her own; she's giving her own ideas and thoughts a voice and we're all smarter because of it.
The whole IF: community has changed and rocked my world, HARD.
In fact, I want to change life groups for the tweens/teens and try something new starting this summer and see how it changes them. It'll be loosely based on the IF:Table idea of getting together your people, your tribe, and being honest and open and willing to be REAL.